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Overcome Infertility tips

Overcome Infertility tips

Overcome Infertility tips


When a couple experience active sex but does not get pregnant after 1 year they are likely to face this issue. Various studies have shown that from 65 to 90 percent of all couples who conceive spontaneously will do so within the first year of trying, and 90 to 95 percent will achieve pregnancy within the first two years. However,fertility and infertility are not always absolutes.

Reduced fertility

“Reduced fertility” would be a better term than infertility in those cases where pregnancy is possible but takes longer than two years to achieve. About 40 percent of “infertile” couples conceive in 7 years. Treatment failures are part of the statistic too.”At least one couple out of ten will experience some difficulty in becoming pregnant. It can be a painful experience to fend off the well-meaning questions of relatives while month after month goes by without any sign of pregnancy.

 Unwanted infertility

Unwanted infertility can put a tremendous strain on a marriage as well as on the individual partners. A professional evaluation of infertility may add to the humiliation and sense of failure. The reproductive capacity of both partners will be examined and their sexual relations timed to comply with a doctor’s suggestions.

Sperm count

A reduction of sperm count below the normal healthy range always causes emotional setbacks for men. Likewise a woman learns she does not produce enough of the necessary hormones. It may be particularly difficult for a woman to find herself infertile. The chance of infertility will be high if she had  encounter previous pregnancy  that was forced to terminate due to health issue.


Treatment using diagnostic techniques, such as blood hormone tests and ,.  And with the great advances in the technology of reproduction, there are new solutions too. Many tests to evaluate an infertile couple to find out the cause and problems.

Medical specialty

Often there is more than one contributing factor. Obstetrician-gynecologists help are common for women when they experience infertility problem. As for men, they will be referred to a urologist. since 1960s, medical specialty for infertility care was legitimized. As a result, Sperm banks are now maintained and donor eggs are available for transfer implantation.


Both couples have to be presumed to be fertile then artificial insemination (AI) can be attempted with sperm from the male partner (AI-husband). Some defects include hypermedia (abnormal position of the urethral opening) in the man and an abnormal position of the cervix in the woman can prevents the sperm from being deposited near the cervix. Artificial insemination also may be necessary in certain types of sexual dysfunction.

Sperm donor

Through  matching of color and body build,the donor will be found in the sperm bank.There are  certain safety precautionary screening require before further process. These include testing for AIDS, gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, hepatitis B, and chlamydia. The selected sperm will be injected into the woman’s vagina at the opening of the cervix during ovulation period .

Psychological issues

With few children available for adoption today, artificial insemination is the simplest way that some couples can have a child. There are countless psychological, moral, religious, and legal questions to answer. Some men cannot cope with the fact that they are not the biologic father of their child, while other men feel that a child who has their wife’s genes and whom they have raised is as much theirs as any child can be.

Insufficient support

Couples who choose artificial insemination do not always have the support of others. In fact, because some major religious groups feel that artificial insemination with donor sperm is the equivalent of adultery. Many couples who choose this procedure for achieving parenthood do not tell even their families or closest friends.

Some courts in the United States, England, and Canada have questioned if these children  are illegitimate.The courts have held that a husband who agrees to the artificial insemination of his wife has an obligation to support the child. In a few states laws have passed to attempt to clarify the legal position of these children.

NEW DEVELOPMENTS IN INFERTILITY  (Overcome Infertility tips)

 Vitro fertilization

It is a procedure to removed the woman’s egg surgically from one of her ovaries and fertilized in a glass dish test tube.  Many women have had healthy babies by this method. Women who have an obstruction of both Fallopian tubes are encourage to try this method. These conditions exist in about 5 to 10 percent of infertile women.

 Overcoming infertility

Other new developments for overcoming infertility are even more controversial.  “Surrogate mothers” and “adoptive pregnancies” (donated embryos) are still other innovative developments. Because of the unanticipated complications and negative publicity surrounding the “Baby M.”,  surrogacy situation are beginning to pass legislation outlawing the entire procedure.

 Embryo donors  (Overcome Infertility tips)

Many hospitals and fertility clinics nationwide are able to preform  the donated embryo transfer method. The donor’s egg was fertilized and transferred to the womb of the mother-to-be.  However many questions remain unanswered. Should the donors be anonymous ?  Can women sell their eggs too?  Who should establish guidelines for these third-party collaborations? The legal profession is waiting for medical ethic to clarify the basis on which unambiguous laws can be formulated.

GIFT  (Overcome Infertility tips)

The most recent technological advance eliminates any need for third-party collaboration. A treatment known as GIFT (gametic intra Fallopian transfer) was develop by The Health Science Center of the University of Texas. The procedure mixed a woman’s egg and sperm, then reinserted into the entrance of an oviduct from the ovary after fertilization. The cell division will takes place without the need for laboratory culturing.

 Procedure (Overcome Infertility tips)

When the procedure works as anticipated, the embryo descends into the uterus and develops into a normal fetus.Some couples do not know the causes hence they need to seek opinions from the doctors. Couples with known causes of infertility also face this problem. Over the years, countless men and women have endured the indignities of testing and the difficulties of therapy. Most of them have spent great amounts of time and money in their efforts to overcome this problem. For the many fortunate couples who have been able to achieve parenthood, all efforts and expenses have been well rewarded.

Overcome Infertility tips

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