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Male Infertility Causes and Treatment

Male Infertility Causes and Treatment

Male Infertility Causes and Treatment

Male factors are estimated to cause about 30 percent of all infertility problems and to contribute to them in another 20 percent. Whatever traditional wisdom may have to say about whose “fault” the problem is, statistics indicate that the responsibility is divided about equally between the sexes.


Medications (Male Infertility Causes and Treatment)

The production or quality of sperm may be affected by congenital and genetic abnormalities, injuries to the genital tract, heat, age, sperm agglutination, acute and chronic infection (often sexually transmissible infections), malnutrition, previous surgery, allergies, chronic illness, radiation, varicocele, or certain medications. Among these medications are Tagamet used in ulcer treatment, and drugs used for treating cancer, some antibiotics (especially those used to treat tuberculosis).

Smoking(Male Infertility Causes and Treatment)

Also heavy smoking of marijuana and smoking generally, alcoholism, and stress may result in impotence or inability to ejaculate.

Varicocele (Male Infertility Causes and Treatment)

Varicocele, a varicose enlargement of the veins of the spermatic cord, is a potentially curable cause of male infertility. While this condition occurs in many men with normal fertility, it has been found to be present in as many as 40 percent of infertile men. Half of all men with varicoceles have decreased sperm count or sperm motility or other changes in the semen analysis.Theories of the cause of these changes include heat, pressure, and toxic substances from the dilated vessels. Permanent or temporary damage to the male testis can occur as a result of a genital infection or a systemic infection.

Sperm count decline (Male Infertility Causes and Treatment)

Gonorrhea may do enough damage to the male genital tract to result temporarily in a marked decrease in the sperm count. Mumps in an adult male may involve one or both testicles and may cause severe testicular damage. Fortunately, usually only one testicle suffers severe impairment and the sperm count, though possibly reduced, is usually compatible with fertility. Any systemic viral or bacterial infection may cause a temporary depression in the sperm count.


Male with azoospermia have no sperm at all in their semen. This condition represent about 15% of all male and comes without any obvious signs and symptoms. Azoospermia will prevent you and also your companion from conceiving normally as there is no sperm existing to fertilize your companion’s egg.

There are a few sorts of azoospermia:

– Testicular azoospermia, which avoids your testicles from making sperm. This could be due to injury or injury, infection, childhood years ailment, cancer as well as cancer cells therapies.

– Post-testicular or obstructive azoospermia, which happens when your testicles generate sperm but they can’t be released due to a clog or surgical treatment like a birth control. Retrograde ejaculation, where the seminal fluid enters into your bladder throughout ejaculation, can additionally cause this.

– Pretesticular azoospermia, where your testicles are healthy and balanced but your body doesn’t indicate them appropriately to create sperm. This could be due to a hormonal agent discrepancy or some cancer cells treatments, and is less usual.

Erectile dysfunction is often reversible with simple lifestyle changes like losing weight and lowering your blood pressure. There are also medications such as Viagra, injectable and suppositories that can help you get an erection. However, if you have an underlying illness like heart disease or diabetes, or even stress or anxiety, your doctor will focus on treating that and the secondary erectile dysfunction should improve.

Erectile dysfunction

You may have healthy sperm and also the ability to create. However, if you are unable to efficiently have sex, you can’t get your partner pregnant.The inability to obtain or preserve an erection, is a common issue for males. Fortunately, this problem often can be solve in many ways.

Root causes of erectile dysfunction:

  • Imbalance in Hormones
  • Suffering High blood pressure
  • Arteries are narrow which limits blood flows
  • Nervous system problems
  • Suffering from Diabetics
  • Past injuries
  • Medicines affecting sex organs
  • Unhealthy lifestyles (smoking,Alcoholic, drugs)
  • Mental Stress or Fatigue


Because many of the infertility tests for women are more complicated and involve more risk than those for men, infertility testing often begins with the male. A semen analysis is a simple test that can provide a great deal of information. The male is asked to submit a recently ejaculated semen specimen to the physician or laboratory. This specimen is then examined microscopically to determine sperm count, their size and shape, and if they are able to move normally.

Decreased fertility

There is no sharp line of demarcation between fertility and sterility in the sperm count. Counts of less than 20 to 40 million per cubic centimeter are often correlated with decreased fertility, although men with counts of 5 to 10 million have fathered children. A high percentage of sperm with abnormal shape, size, or decreased motility is also correlated with decreased fertility. The semen can be analyzed also for antibodies and cultured for various infections.


Some causes of male infertility are sometimes correctable. A varicocele may be surgically repaired to improve fertility. Treatment with antibiotics of a chronic infection can enable a previously infertile man to become fertile. In some situations, where substance abuse is a contributing factor, it may be essential for the male to abstain entirely from alcohol and/or other drugs and to join self-help groups in order to do so.


Re-evaluation of medications prescribed to treat a chronic illness may produce positive results. Administration of various hormones can increase a borderline sperm count or suppress sperm antibodies. If lowering the level of medication is permitted, it may be enough to make conception possible. These hormones include testosterone, thyroid hormone, and cortisone.

Occupation Hazards

The exposure to occupational hazards such as radiation, lead, or dangerous pesticides may indicate a possible cause of infertility problems in men. You may consider a career change as a solution to counter the infertility problem.

Treating Azoospermia

Therapy alternatives for azoospermia depend on the type you have. It’s important for your doctor to do an extensive examination to learn the reason. You may be able to have surgical procedure to get rid of an obstruction, or sperm retrieval may additionally be feasible if your body is producing sperm but it can not be launched. Sperm gotten by medical techniques can just be made use of in IVF (in vitro fertilization).

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

ED is typically relatively easy to fix. Some simple ways includes changing of lifestyles like, slimming down and lowering your blood pressure. There are additionally drugs such as Viagra, injectable and suppositories that can help you get an erection. Nonetheless, if you have an underlying health problem like heart problem or diabetic issues, and even tension or anxiety, your doctor will concentrate on dealing with that and Erectile problems will eventually improves.

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