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How to spark your relationship

How to spark your relationship

How to spark your relationship with healthy relationship tips.

Satisfying sex life (How to spark your relationship)

Important throughout adulthood, sexual activity can be a source of great pleasure, emotional nourishment and spiritual growth. Physical touch brings a confidence that extends to other areas. Touch is one of the most profound means of communication between two people. The laying of caring hands on the body conveys a depth of feeling that goes way beyond words- it is a direct link to the inner world of feeling,and through it you can express your innermost emotions and desires.

The Special one (How to spark your relationship)

People who live with one special partner for a long period – whether married or not – tend to be healthier and live longer. This is partly due to the benefits that regular, loving sex and physical intimacy bring.

 Physical pleasure (How to spark your relationship)

Many people enjoy sex more as they get older, because they have gained experience and confidence. They understand what arouses them and their partner, and are more relaxed about communicating their desires. The physical changes in sexuality vary. Most people do not notice any major changes until their 50s, when they may experience slower response times.

intimacy lifestyle (How to spark your relationship)

One thing sex researchers agree on is the “use it or lose it” theory. Simply bu staying sexually active keeps your sex organs functioning and helps maintain sexual desire. The intimacy that loving sex brings can provide a solid foundation for happiness.

Keep getting closer (How to spark your relationship)

To keep long-term relationships alive and meaningful, try exploring different ways to arouse your partner. Try something new or  perhaps using visual stimuli, massage and aromatherapy. Learning about sexual philosophy and technique from different cultures can open deeply fulfilling doors. Tantric sex, from Eastern tradition, takes a holistic view of love and sex.  The ultimate aim is for two people to merge spiritually as well as physically.

Nourishing sleep

Sleep is essential for physical and mental well-being. Although its pattern and quality many change as the body ages.It is an ever-important ingredient for youthfulness and health. Deep sleep has a tremendous effect on vitality levels. it rejuvenates every cell in the body while resting the nervous system. This way it can help controlling the digestive, reproductive and immune systems. During sleep, not only are toxins eliminated and our body tissues get to rest and rebuilt. Our mind  hence works through and helps resolve feelings, problems and challenges through the process of dreaming.

Aiding quality sleep

To ensure a deep and restful sleep, the two most important factors are good nutrition and proper exercise. It is best to refrain from caffeine, alcohol and excessive sugar in the evenings- these all exacerbate restlessness insomnia. Make sure that your bedroom environment is pleasant; that you have a firm bed, fresh air, clean bedclothes and quiet. It can help to take a hot bath an hour before bed; deep breathing and certain yoga poses will also help calm the nervous system.

Changing sleep patterns

People may find it more difficult to sleep as they get older, possibly due to the body producing fewer chemicals that control the sleep cycle. Some find that they wake more frequently during the night and spend more time being awake. You can adapt to these natural changes by trying “sleepy” herbal teas before going to bed, or by taking a short nap in the afternoon to augment the sleep cycle. Sleep patterns change with age-try to discover what schedule works best for you.

Healing natural light

Without the sun, there would be no life on Earth-people, plants and animals all move to the rhythm of its rays. Time spent outdoors will keep you in tune with the sun’s healing energy. Sunlight regulates the chemical balance within the spinal gland.If our body was not sufficient exposure to the full colour spectrum in sunlight, the finely balanced chemical reactions in the body tend to falter, leaving it prone to ill health. Spending time outside every day will renew your stamina and raise your spirits.Remember always to apply sun cream.

Dawn to dusk

Experiments have shown that, as the sun rises, its red light increases pulse, blood pressure and breathing rate, stimulating the body into alertness. These functions are further increased in orange light and reach their peak in yellow light when the sun is high in the sky. Similarly, when the sky turns to subduing blues and greens at dusk, the vital signs decrease and the body prepares for relaxation and sleep. Time spent in the sun energizes the body.

Modern hazard

Many people have jobs that keep them indoors in harsh commercial lighting – this is often produced by white fluorescent tubes, which exclude some of the colours in the spectrum. If you must work inside, full-spectrum lights are healthier than fluorescent lights – they reduce irritability and promote productivity.

SAD season

The lack of sunlight during the long winter months changes the mood of most people. But for some, Seasonal Affective Disorder (or SAD) causes depression and low energy that only subside at the onset of spring. Women are more prone to SAD because of their complex hormonal makeup.

Positive thinking

The rumor is true: maintaining a positive outlook not only enhances but prolongs life and increases health. Septuagenarians all agree that looking on the bright side is one of the secrets of new youth. Some people are more susceptible than others to slipping into negative thinking patterns – perhaps learned unconsciously from family, friends or the media. But by perpetuating a pessimistic outlook – such as always dwelling on what you lack – you may be wasting precious days and years feeling irritated, dissatisfied and unhappy instead of savoring all the wonderful joys of life.

Nurture optimism

Fostering a sense of optimism for the present and future has huge benefits for psychological and physical health. Optimism can be enhanced by keeping busy – doing things that make you feel happy and enthused, setting new goals and meeting new people who encourage your positively.

Clear your thoughts

As we get older, a surplus of negative experiences- bad career moves, failed relationships, illness may at times threaten to overwhelm us. You can move past these hardships by clearing your mind of emotional baggage from the past – visualize yourself throwing these “bags” away, leaving room for new experiences. Look for ways to learn from every situation and you! find satisfying solutions.

Count your blessings

Begin the day in a positive frame of mind by making a list of five things for which you are grateful. As the days go by, you will see that you have more going for you than you realized.


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