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Healthy Lifestyle stay young

Healthy Lifestyle stay young

Healthy Lifestyle stay young

Go for a brisk walk (Healthy Lifestyle stay young)

Walking is one of the simplest and most effective forms of exercise. It is a means of accelerating your physical energy levels and consequently raising your spirits-and it is enjoyable. You can walk almost anywhere, and by going outside, you immediately change your environment to give you a new angle on your situation.

Physiological benefits (Healthy Lifestyle stay young)

Of course, walking provides many physiological benefits: it boosts your heart rate and respiration, speeds up bloodstream.It also causes the body to produce endorphin the “feel good” hormones – which lift your mood and strengthen your immune system, helping to keep illness at bay.

Meditation on the go (Healthy Lifestyle stay young)

Walking can be a form of meditation, too. When you’re feeling fed up or annoyed, try taking a gentle stroll around the block. As you walk along, it is likely that your problems will begin to feel less acute. It is almost as though the physical steps are mental steps that bring you closer to understanding difficult situations.

Overcoming obstacles (Healthy Lifestyle stay young)

Just taking a 10-15 minute walk can help you put any problems in perspective, and aid you in coming up with new solutions.

Practise deep breathing (Healthy Lifestyle stay young)

The power of proper breathing should not be underestimated-it oxygenates the blood, aiding thought processes and boosting physical energy. This simple technique can be carried out anywhere. With regular practice, deep breathing can reduce stress on your nervous system.

How to breathe properly (Healthy Lifestyle stay young)

Many people do not breathe properly, taking shallow or quick gulps of air. By breathing from the diaphragm, you will bring oxygen all the way to the bottom of your lungs. This will improve your circulation, enhancing the body’s systems and energy levels.

Lets exercise and visualize

When practicing deep breathing, there are many ways of concentrating the mind in order to heighten your physical stamina and mood, and to help quell the negative inner “voice” that can drain your reserves and dampen your spirits.

  1. Start by counting your breaths,evenly, from one to ten.
  2. Note the physical changes at the nostrils and the abdomen, as your breath moves in and out.
  3. Notice the inner stillness as you change from exhalation to inhalation, from inhalation to exhalation. Now imagine drawing new energy into your lungs with each breath.
  4. Close your eyes and conjure up an image that evokes a feeling of wholeness, joy and serenity. This could be a beautiful, natural scene with mountains or a valley, the undulating waves of the ocean, the sun’s bright rays or a child you are fond of. Breathe in this complete image, until you feel its fresh, positive energy permeating throughout your entire body and mind.
  5. Open your eyes and enjoy your feelings of renewed vigor.

Inhale a scent

The sense of smell is the most primal of the five physical senses, and-although often played down in modern societies-it can be stimulated in many ways to evoke positive, invigorating feelings.

Surround yourself with flowers

When feeling tired or low, give your mood an instant lift by buying a bunch of bright, luscious-scented flowers and placing them in a vase in your home or office. Choose from delicate freesias, roses and strong- scented star lilies; or daffodils, narcissi and hyacinths – which can be grown in pots indoors, in winter and spring.

Evocative essential oils

Aromatherapy advocates using oil burners to disperse essentials oils in a room. Place a few drops in the burner and light the candle beneath. Mints such as peppermint and spearmint are very stimulating, as are orange, geranium and ylang ylang. You can experiment with myriad different combinations of your favorite oils. Another way to experience oils is to place a few drops in a warm bath.

Baking boost

The smell of baking bread or biscuits (cookies) can be a real mood booster – vanilla in particular triggers happy memories of childhood for many people. Choose a nutritious wholemeal bread or biscuit recipe, and set to work – delicious aromas will soon waft through your house, putting a smile on your face.

Refreshing air

Simply open a window to experience all the smells of grass, trees, blossoms, soil and rain outside. Even in winter, it can be very stimulating to let in the fresh air for just a few minutes.


It has often been said that laughter is the best medicine. Research has confirmed this maxim: laughter raises endorphin levels, alleviating stress and allowing body and mind to work energetically. People who laugh a lot are healthier overall. Fun is a very important aspect of life that should never be overlooked.

Chuckle your way through the day

Share a joke with a close friend or a group of friends, via talking, text messaging or email. Write down any funny thoughts that you may have and turn them into little stories. If you’re good at drawing, make cartoons of the characters with captions. Try and see the silly side of serious or stressful situations: the best-adjusted people can laugh at most things, from disasters to death.

Had a good laugh

Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself and your own foibles. Everyone makes mistakes, and at least they can be enjoyed and rate as entertainment value in retrospect. when feeling low key. Plan a night out at a comedy club with a group of friends. Watch videos of your favorite film or comedy series.

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